Ghost Idols began as many bands do in the sun soaked environs of Los Angeles, as transplants seeking kindred spirits to make noise.

Members Robert Arbuckle, Christopher Dwyer and Joe Nathan have been carefully crafting a hard-edged yet thoughtful wall of sound since the band’s inception in late 2012.  With equal parts angles and sludge- thundering bass, pounding toms, and caterwauling guitars propel the music forward in interesting and often unexpected directions. Vocals weave in and out of the music, rounding out the band’s sonic excursions.

Ghost Idols released their self-titled debut EP in May of 2013.  Since then, they’ve been busy playing up and down the west coast, and sharing the stage with the likes of Traindodge, Aeges, Yidhra, Old Kingdom and more.

“A three piece who’s self titled debut album is a great mix of spacey rock and post-punk. . . . this is an album chock full of energy.” – Aaron Sullivan, Metal Bandcamp

“Combine Torche’s signature Drop A tuning with Hum’s murky swells and surges and you have Ghost Idols’ sound on their debut self titled EP. The Los Angeles trio has been together under a year, but their symmetry is seasoned in their unveiling.” – GroundFloorGo!

“Ghost Idols list their genre as “shut up.” This, of course, is easier (and more fun) than saying that the L.A.-based band occupies a nebulous space between metal, post-hardcore, shoegaze, space rock, etc., etc., whatever. . .the band’s got a sound unusual for the heavier end of the spectrum, with plenty of distortion but nimble instrumentation and clear melodies, taking influence from everything from Helmet to Godspeed You! Black Emperor.” – Stephen Layton,

Ghost Idols debut EP one of the Top 25 Free Albums of 2013 – UndergroundMusic.FM